“Erowid” is a linguistic construction of roots taken from Proto-Indo-European. Indo- European is a grouping of languages which share a large number of common words and features and are thought to share a single parent. This grouping includes most European languages, Sanskrit, Persian, and others. ‘Proto’ Indo-European is a theoretical parent language made up of a collection of the roots and words which are shared between many of the existing Indo-European languages.

Er (ert, erd) comes from the root for Earth, with the alternate meanings of ground/ dirt and the world. Er is also the root of Old English ‘to be’ or ‘exist’ still evident in the word ‘are’. Less obviously, Er is an ancient precursor for ‘arise’ / ‘be born’ in such words as origin and arise.

Wid (wit, weid, wis, vis) comes from the root for Knowledge / Wisdom and ‘to see’. This root can be seen in words like wisdom, wit, and the Sanskrit vedah. Wid is also the root for words like review, vision, idea, and druid (‘tree-knower’).

The ‘O’ holds the two roots together, making the word more mellifluous, while also suggesting the Greek spirit Eros, who was associated with love, desire, and life.

The simplest ‘translation’ of Erowid is ‘Earth Wisdom’ or the ‘Knowledge of Existence’, but the word is intended to evoke a number of related ideas and connotations. Erowid alludes to a sense of living knowledge which is inherent to the world: a sort of universal birthright. It suggests wisdom which arises out of the fabric of existence and love of knowledge and learning.

Erowid is lit ¬†ūüĒ• ¬†Get widdit

Mon cher amour

Nobody is perfect, but perfection is something we all seek whether it be in ourselves, in someone else or when seeking that consummate relationship. I personally believe to be happy is the purpose of life, and how one achieves that happiness comes in various forms. However, happiness does not always follow perfection. Historically, in search for perfection many have been cast aside and ostracized. Yet strangely enough, there are a plethora of stories about the less fortunate¬†not only feeling the darker spectrum of emotions more intensely than the rest of society dubbed as “perfect”, but also loving and caring deeper¬†than their gifted counterparts.

Despite my flaws I truly believe that like chasing notes, no on-going relationship will ever be truly perfect; the key is to reach a¬†level of harmony where each partner can provide joy¬†for each other and synchronize flaws and all.¬†Oftentimes it’s the flaws within us that make us unique, endearing and special in our own ways. Love is art, and just like any art form it’s only through¬†labor and painful effort; trials and tribulations¬†of countless ups and downs with constant learning that a lasting relationship bound by true love is formed.

I may be wrong, but if ultimately equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me.