Mon cher amour

Nobody is perfect, but perfection is something we all seek whether it be in ourselves, in someone else or when seeking that consummate relationship. I personally believe to be happy is the purpose of life, and how one achieves that happiness comes in various forms. However, happiness does not always follow perfection. Historically, in search for perfection many have been cast aside and ostracized. Yet strangely enough, there are a plethora of stories about the less fortunate not only feeling the darker spectrum of emotions more intensely than the rest of society dubbed as “perfect”, but also loving and caring deeper than their gifted counterparts.

Despite my flaws I truly believe that like chasing notes, no on-going relationship will ever be truly perfect; the key is to reach a level of harmony where each partner can provide joy for each other and synchronize flaws and all. Oftentimes it’s the flaws within us that make us unique, endearing and special in our own ways. Love is art, and just like any art form it’s only through labor and painful effort; trials and tribulations of countless ups and downs with constant learning that a lasting relationship bound by true love is formed.

I may be wrong, but if ultimately equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me.

Be a MastaDon


Only sneaks and snitches tread lightly on the streets of New York but I leave my imprint in concrete when my feet hit the streets because I’m a MastaDon so get out the way or get trampled on.

Walking with Elephants by Ten Walls will have you sauntering down the middle of the block with trumpets parading your presence and suspenseful synths to make every step a rip-roaring advance like Roman legionaries of days past.

A Sequatchie Evening

I’m always surprised at how long I stray away from my last post before coming back to listen to the music from my old posts. My taste is ever changing and I’m always reminded that every song has its own kairos, its own time and place when it is meant to be played. On a night like this when I’ve finally gotten a small reprieve from the worldly chaos, I find myself contemplating all that’s happened the past few weeks and just how I got here.

It’s a sequatchie eve, perfect for some lonesome introspection and Kodak to Graph will help you ponder. What this track puts together let no man put asunder.