Be a MastaDon


Only sneaks and snitches tread lightly on the streets of New York but I leave my imprint in concrete when my feet hit the streets because I’m a MastaDon so get out the way or get trampled on.

Walking with Elephants by Ten Walls will have you sauntering down the middle of the block with trumpets parading your presence and suspenseful synths to make every step a rip-roaring advance like Roman legionaries of days past.

A Sequatchie Evening

I’m always surprised at how long I stray away from my last post before coming back to listen to the music from my old posts. My taste is ever changing and I’m always reminded that every song has its own kairos, its own time and place when it is meant to be played. On a night like this when I’ve finally gotten a small reprieve from the worldly chaos, I find myself contemplating all that’s happened the past few weeks and just how I got here.

It’s a sequatchie eve, perfect for some lonesome introspection and Kodak to Graph will help you ponder. What this track puts together let no man put asunder.


ENERGY. PURE ENERGY. That’s what this track brings to the table. If Redbull gives you wings “Gossipzilla” is a jetpack that will blast you off faster than a pair of fluttering wings. Smash and blast away any lambasting bastard like a stampede cuz this the type of beat to fight to, just don’t forget to breathe.


“In place of Organized Noize‘s minimal backdrop, DJ Dark Fader crafts a crunchy, metal-infused groove, borrowing his beat’s stomping percussion and distorted guitar riffs from the Blue Oyster Cult‘s 1977 classic, Godzilla.” –

Johnnie Walker

Whiskey, yep. Hit me, bartender give me another round cuz this be forever my choice of drink. No need to think twice, Johnnie Walker, on the rocks, oh so nice that times i’m on it I don’t gotta hide. Like Bonnie and Clyde, fuck all, be all, feel the call of the music. Leave the tonic at the bar, take a girl by the arms and treat her like a star, ignite her passion cuz tonight your the main attraction, the man of action that’ll make memories everlasting.

Mixed by Anton Borin at the state of the art House of Johnnie Walker just revealed in South Korea the music exudes the feel of “super deluxe whisky embassy” as crisp and clean as possible. Listen and elevate up the tiers of the House with a new label of Johnnie Walker for each song.

Good whisky & Good music

What more could one ask for?

For a virtual tour of the House of Johnnie Walker:

Can’t stand the lonliness

Going in and out of sleep, I deeply wonder who looks upon me as I lay unconscious, because i can’t stand being out of sight and out of mind. That’s right, I can’t stand the loneliness, like my souls slipped away who’s to say what’s left when my memories and name fades…I can’t stand the loneliness so please won’t you stay


Tonight I had a different song in mind than the one I’ve posted. I was being trill listening to g-eazy imagining who would win if the Trap Lord and Ba$ed God did some control shit. Maybe y’know…like “No Control”. But then HOLY FUCK…LISTEN TO THIS SHIT. “Atticus Finch” by Angus Dawson is a soul touching masterpiece that is like a guiding light, the North Star, let us stride towards that light and forever strive to thrive.